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Mixed media artwork – maxicard – glow in the dark effects (photoluminescent pigment) – Alec Bartos – First Step On The Moon – 2011 painting




A 70X50 cm mixed media artwork that includes a Apollo 11 maxicard designed by me in 2009 for the Romanian Post. See the full stamp issue here:

(In philately a maximum card (also known as a maxi-card, or maxicard) is a postcard with a postage stamp placed on the picture side of the card where the stamp and card match or are in concordance. In most cases, the cancel is also related to the image on the front of the card and the stamp.

The collecting of maximum cards is known as maximaphily.)

The work is part of an ongoing series that utilize photoluminescent pigment with a glow period of over 8 hours. The area around the stamps, blocks, postcards or envelopes, made from the spacial cardboard generally used for the passe-par-tout is used as a painting surface. Small details (visible only in a specific angle and light) made with pencils and liners, rough acrylic touch, metallic colors and the special glow in the dark pigment work together to the final composition. The idea is that at different distances to the tableau, the viewer is experiencing different paintings. The light plays a very important role. Not only for the photoluminescent pigments, invisible during the day and which without light will remain near invisible in the dark, but for all the other materials used. Many of the details are made almost black to black. They become visible only in a éclairage rasant or with the help of the reflections of light. All these made the tableau interesting to see for-yourself and not so spectacular when photographed.

Graphic design posters for Purdue University – Bioethics Lectures Series

For the past six years Jonathan Beever and Nicolae Morar, with the support and encouragement of their sponsors, have continued to press the issue of ethics in policy, science and technology at Purdue via the Lectures in Ethics, Policy, and Science (formerly the Bioethics Seminar Series). They intend to build opportunities for engagement between philosophy, policy, and science at a campus-wide level and to raise awareness of the ethical implications of biotechnological development for our environment both local and global. Hosting nationally-recognized scholars brings new perspectives to the Purdue community on these issues. Their objectives for the bioethics seminar series project included the following.

1) Develop interdisciplinary discourse on “hot” issues in science and ethics

2) Educate for intentionality in science and technology development at Purdue

3) Establish connections between Purdue’s science and technology and Indiana University’s Center for Bioethics

4) Involve philosophy in policy and ethics decisions at a campus-wide level

5) Build opportunities for engagement

6) Broaden our scope to include issues of climate change in discussion of bioethics

7) Involve nationally-recognized scholars in diverse discussions of bioethics

Jonathan Beever

August 2011

I had the opportunity to help them with the design of the posters.

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