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ATV-2 / MagISStra flown cover – Umberto Cavallaro – ASITAF AD*ASTRA N° 12 – March 2012

On February 28th we had the pleasure of presenting to the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli the folder containing one of the covers which ATV-2 carried last year to the ISS. Paolo Nespoli had personally recovered from the ATV the covers which were then signed by him and the by the other 5 members of the Expedition 26-27: Dmitry Kondratyev, Cady Coleman, Andrey Borisenko, Alexander Samokutyaev and Ron Garan.

Besides the ISS octagonal board “seal”, Nespoli also put on the cover his personal MagISStra hand stamp, which after the mission has been made unserviceable.

“The AS.IT.AF. flown and signed cover is presented in an elegant folder designed by our member the artist  Alec Bartos and is reserved for the AS.IT.AF. members only. ”

Official NASA WSS litho portrait of Neil Armstrong – Signed twice adventure

Received from a friend several days ago in an email, this Armstrong signed picture story goes like this:

“In 1971, a boy living in a village from the Transylvanian Plane, wishing to differ from his schoolmates, who were collecting autographs from Elvis-like celebrities, sent a letter to NASA asking for the autograph of Neil Armstrong. In 1991 the signed photo ends up in a primary school classroom where a pupil rewrites the signature in water-marker over the original one.”

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